Ein oof d’une glory in the morning. Keep talking peeple. We’ll get em going.


Consciousness is

Consciousness is

Taking the trash out

Consciousness is

Showing up for church

Consciousness is

Doing the right thing

Consciousness is

Being polite

Feeling Sick, a poem

My head is throbbing

A headache, but what’s worse is

The pain of pressure, 

The pain of failure.
Waking up from a dream where I’m at least

A little more successful that now

Where they’re begging me to work with me

Another world.
Mine is one where I struggle against 

Pressures galore. I’m supposed to get a job, this or that.

But I have a condition where all I can do is work—- on my art.

So I collapse.
I hope Donald Trump doesn’t kill all artists.

I hope his presidency inspires great work.

Now, I have so much reason to be sick for

Let me turn and vomit.